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Founded in 1977, the first venture for metalcraft Ltd , was in the Architectural luminaire industry under our Hallmark Lighting brand K-Lite. The first manufacturing hub was established in the Ambattur industrial estate of Chennai, India, which still continues to operate till date. Each and every component of the lighting range is manufactured and assembled at our own factory floor. With quality output, at competitive prices in the market, we were able to establish a stand in both Government and private sectors. Although the Luminaire range included both interior and outdoor lighting, our strong focus was on outdoor lighting, with its cultural and social values. In an environmentally conscious decision, all our lighting products are aimed at conservation of energy. We set about establishing new levels of comfort, induced by a better quality of life, with Light.

In 1987, with a thirst for expansion and the discovery of new niche markets, we stepped into the grills manufacturing industry. With premium raw materials sourced from ethical suppliers, we started designing and manufacturing of gates and grills. Combinations with Wood panels and other metal plating and panels diversified the product line, with introduction into Garden furniture. In traditional and contemporary designs, we were able to accommodate both Standard and custom orders.

In 1998, with new family members, came the addition of Metal plated decor products. Our signature plating service is the 24 Kt Gold plating, which is done with technology that allows us to minimise consumption and ensure zero wastage. The contemporary decor is well suited for both interior and exterior staging.

We are backed by over 1100 design, technical and marketing team, running 7 factories with a floor area of 250,000 sft. With a combination of perseverance and open minded approach to new technology, we have developed a diverse line of products


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